What kind of a reviewer am I?

I felt it only fair to warn you what type of a reviewer I am on this blog, at least unless/until I decide to bring on more reviewers, which might happen.  So I like to say that I’m the Bruno Tonioli of movie reviewers. I am driven by emotions and passion, but not to the point where I am blinded by a film’s flaws.

I love getting caught up in beautiful cinematography (i.e. Gatsby, or Crimson Peak), but I can still analyze it as a critic and an English major. When analyzing a movie, I look for strong themes, a solid plotline, imagery, etc. and then I examine other components such as acting, special effects, sound and cinematography. Not all of these might make it into a post, but I try to take most of them into account holistically when grading a film.

I’d love to hear from you (respectfully)- if you agree or disagree with my perspective, or you know something about the film that might change my point of view, then write a comment! A blog isn’t just for me to post things AT you- it’s like when I teach- writing something on the board isn’t enough to teach my students. I have to have discussions and interactions. This blog will hopefully be an interactive platform for you to read reviews and respond to them accordingly!

I enjoy many different genres of film- from superhero movies (Marvel over D.C., Batman over Superman), Romantic Comedies (Bridget Jones for the win), classic (Gone with the Wind), straight up action, mystery, you name it. The one place where I will draw my line is horror films- I would love to find someone who goes to and enjoys horror movies, and would be willing to cover that particular genre of films as a guest writer for the blog. If that’s your thing, message me, send me a writing sample and we’ll talk!

With this, I’m signing off for the evening- if you have any ideas, or anything in particular you’d like to see on here, either hit the reply button below, or send ideas through our contact page!

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