31 Days of Halloween, Day 2: “Die, die we all pass away…” The Corpse Bride

What a miserable day…for a wedding! The Corpse bride satirizes Victorian England as a dark, desolate place, where Victor, the son of noveau riche fishsellers is getting married to Victoria, the shy daughter of an old respected family who has gone bankrupt. The two have never met before their wedding day, and are awkward and bumbling. When Victor goes into the woods to practice his vows, he inadvertently marries a corpse, the lovely Emily, who had been murdered by the man she was supposed to marry all those years ago.

“Downstairs”, the world of the dead is bright and beautiful in comparison to the bleak world of the living. Despite his insecurities, Victor finds himself drawn to his Corpse Bride, fitting in with the world of the dead much better than the world of the living. However, when the marriage has a few legal complications, they decide to move the wedding “upstairs” to the world of the living where laughs will be had, justice will be delivered and tears will be shed. The ending for some reason has never sat well with me. For some reasons, it still feels unfinished and hanging, and being a sucker for endings that are tied up in a bow, this ending does not sit well with me and kind of leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Nevertheless, I love this film. The golden triumvirate of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter makes the chemistry fantastic, the visuals beautiful and of course, Danny Elfman’s scores can never disappoint. This still comes second in my book to the Nightmare before Christmas, but still, it is a must watch, going in my books of movies one must watch at least once in your life!

One thought on “31 Days of Halloween, Day 2: “Die, die we all pass away…” The Corpse Bride

  1. I love this film, it has such a beautiful message. What really touched me about it is (spoiler) how Emily realizes what she’s asked of Victor and she sees that she will deny Victoria’s and Victor’s happiness if she makes him go through with the marriage. Even more , Victor was willing to go through it to help her healing process, but in the end Emily realizes she just needs to love herself. Everything about it is lovely. Tim Burton always impresses with his unique style and character designs.

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