31 Days of Halloween: The Addams Family

This is absolutely one of my favorite films. While it’s tame enough to watch with children, Morticia and Gomez ooze sensuality and love for each other in a way that everyone should emulate with their life partner. Anjelica Houston’s cheekbones alone are a great reason to watch the movie. However, the family dynamic revolves around more than just the couple. They’re great parents- spending time with their daughter Wednesday, who has become a model for young girls everywhere who prefer dark magic and séances to tutus and ballet and Pugsley, who is great comic relief and the object of disdain from his sister.

The film centers around the relationship between Gomez and his long lost brother Fester. The Addams’s crook of an accountant is low on funds, so after failing to scam Gomez into a memory fund for Fester, he does the next best thing to pay off the loan sharks- he finds “Fester”, the adoptive son of Dr. Pinder-Schloss (really loan shark Abigail Craven).  Over the course of the film, Fester bonds with the Addams’s, finding a true family in them, one who loves and understands all his funky personality traits (a fondness for arsenic, dueling properly, etc.) and while he’s supposed to be finding out how to get his hands on the Addams family fortune, instead (cheesy I know, but I love it) he finds the fortune of family love. This is a great film for adults- the action, cheesy jokes, classic favorite characters such as Lurch the butler, Cousin It, Granny and Thing as well as the subtle innuendos are enough to keep you laughing while the kids are wondering what’s so funny!

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