Doctor Strange- Spoiler Free

Too often, one gets their hopes up and is disappointed by a film that has been built into a giant by its fans. However, Doctor Strange surprisingly lived up to the hype. I am not saying it was perfect, however, on the scale of films, I rank it solidly higher on the Marvel spectrum than Civil War. The acting was solid, though there were certain characters who were less developed than I wished. The special effects were the best part of the film, dazzling the eye (especially in 3D).ds_endless_possibilities_poster

First note- Benedict Cumberbatch (also known as HunkyBrit Cumberbuns) did a very good job with the character of brilliant, arrogant Dr. Stephen Strange. The portrayal was similar to that of Sherlock Holmes, should he be American- not a stretch for Cumberbatch at all. His superhero badass self (yes I know he’s a sorcerer not a superhero) was fantastic as well, but I felt that he lost that moment of capturing the transition between the two. We got a few snarky jokes and a character death, but that was it. The plot needed to spend more time developing Stephen Strange, pain in the rear end, to Stephen Strange, savior of the multiverse.

Supporting characters…. I was irritated by the change in the Ancient One’s background from Tibetan to Celtic. While Tilda Swinton rocked the role- very Galadriel-esque in her balance between neutral advisor and bearing the burden of access to immense power, it was a very whitewashed character from my perspective. She had so much potential, and they wasted it. The same goes with Christine- not whitewashed, but so so flat. I’m tired of girls being wowed and amazed by the men- I’m looking forward to see Wonder Woman (even though she’s D.C.) where women get to kick butt. Apart from the Black Widow and Wanda Maximoff, young girls lack badass [human] female roles models in Marvel movies. Jane and Darcy provide some leeway, but Christine, for all she is a medical professional does not fit in their ranks.

The special effects were absolutely incredible! I was mesmerized by the concept, though it’s not a new one, of the multiple dimensions. Having watched Doctor Who helps understand the idea of playing with time and the repercussions, but Doctor Strange ends up with effects that make up for the dangling ending.

B+/A+  is the final score I give the film. I felt it could have been longer, and more in depth. Honestly, most of the time in the theater was spent watching ads and previews. I say cut down on previews (not Marvel’s fault I know), but the film needed to be expanded. Introducing more female characters would help, but with nice action, amusing pop culture reference and the Avengers-style quips trademark of Marvel movies prevent the film from being too cut and dry.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Strange- Spoiler Free

  1. Cut down on previews is right! The last time I went to the movies, I’d forgotten what I’d came to see by the time the 25 minutes of previews was over.


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