How it all began: The backstory of my affinity for evening gowns

After having a pixie cut for years, I was dying for a change. When my hairdresser was cutting my hair, I kept pondering what could be altered. The idea struck me as half my hair was swept out of the way in a clip- I liked it so much, I asked her to keep it that way, turning my regular cut into an asymmetrical pixie cut- not a huge change, but enough to make me feel different. I know at this point, you must be wondering “What the hell does a haircut have to do with evening gown reviews?”, yes? Bear with me, I’m getting there, I promise.

Equipped with the new do, and a new shade of lipstick, I was feeling rather witchy. With black leather boots and a pumpkin, I posed for this photo, and afterwards, I was surprised at how flapper-esque the image was. Halloween was just around the corner and so the idea formed in my mind that led to what I now affectionately call: The Gatsby Gown.


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