Inauguration Fashions

Edit: Apologies for the awkward formatting- for some reason, my font does not want to cooperate!

For this post, I am putting all politics aside and focusing on fashion only. With the inauguration on Friday, we have a flurry of outfits to examine.

The Jackie O.

I’m going to start off with Melania’s blue suit- it really stood out amongst all the black overcoats of the day.  The powder blue suit called back memories of Jackie O, with the simple cut, and the matching gloves that went just past her wrists. While some people said that the neckline reminded them of a Snuggie, the neckline was what I loved most about the outfit. It acted as a buffer against the cold wind and meant that she could skip over having a bulky coat which would spoil the image. I mean seriously- the biggest thing I hate about trying to look good in the winter is having to deal with a gross puffy coat (especially for this Georgia girl who freezes her tail off in the cold), so I have a great of respect for Ralph Lauren’s design. It was solidly okay- not stunning, but still nice.



The Hot Mess


What on Earth was Kellyann Conway wearing? It looked like a really shoddy cosplay. I don’t know if it was an attempt at patriotism, or just a very ugly coat. Likely both. Here’s the deal: you never want to go for more than two colors on an outfit, and even then, you’ll want to make sure that nothing is overwhelming. In her attempt to win ‘biggest patriot’, Miss Conway threw all sense to the wind and ended up with a horrible Hamilton costume that looked like she bought it from Party City. Honestly, Macy’s has military style jackets for about 1/10th the price that Kellyanne spent on that coat. Just terrible. Fashion fail.

The Roman


Moving on to the Inauguration ball- I wasn’t super crazy about Melania’s dress at first, but it grew on me once I saw Karen Pence’s dress. The neckline was a bit too straight cut for my taste, dipping up rather than down.  However, with the cream color and overall simplicity, it gave off a very Greco-Roman aura. What saved the dress from being way too simple was the single ruffle that went from top to bottom of the gown, and the relatively modest slit. Melania did a good job of balancing skin with coverage, keeping interest without putting it all out there.

The Garbage Bag

karen pence.png

What really disappointed me was the royal blue garbage bag our Karen Pence wore. I am short, and I have curves, so I understand the struggle of finding the right silhouette to wear. However, that dress made her look extremely short and stout, and the color isn’t super flattering for her skin tone. I would have liked to see her in a red dress, maybe something a little more form-fitting. While I’m not saying she should jump for a Jezebel fire engine red skin tight dress, something chiffon perhaps, with a higher neckline, and cap sleeves would suit her really well.

The Princess Gown


As much as the blue dress disappointed me, Ivanka’s dress blew me away. It was absolutely jaw-dropping and stunning. I’m terrible for hoping that China makes a knockoff soon enough to purchase. The nude color kept the sparkle from being too overwhelming, and the sheer effect kept it classy and lovely, without veering towards dowdy as long sleeves could be if you’re not careful how you style them. Also, side note- out of all the Trump family, Ivanka is the only one who can actually dance!


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