It has pockets (or as my family calls it- Curtains)!

This dress is proof of two things: a.) I really AM a hobbit and b.) miracles do exist! I was browsing the clearance racks (because grad school tuition sucks the life out of your wallet) in early January, and a glimpse of luscious white fabric caught my eye. Normally, I don’t do white- I’ve always viewed it as a bridal color, especially when paired with a long hemline, but something about this gown called to me.

I pulled it out, checked to see the pricing and the size, and my heart dropped. The pricing was incredible (Original Price: $289, Clearance Price: $60), but it was a size two, where I normally fit a size four to six in gowns, so I put it down. However, its siren call (punny eventually, I promise) drew me back, so I gave my mom a head’s up that I was going to give it a shot.

In the dressing room, it was a fervid prayer/mantra that many girls have known in their life “Oh please fit, please fit, please please please just fit”. It slid on without a hitch- then for the test- the zipper. I held and tugged, and without any resistance it slid all the way up for a perfect fit. Much happy dancing ensued, before calmly walking out and informing them that I’d take the dress.

Venue/ Show: Once again, I ended up at the Fox Theater, this time to see “The Little Mermaid” (get my punny siren call joke? ha ha.. okay I’m an English major- I’d be remiss if I didn’t make puns). I was not completely wowed by the musical as I had hoped I would be, but it was fairly good. If you want to see a compassionate portrayal of Ariel and her true love that will make you cry and sigh… not the show for you.

While I had my happy fangirl squee moments on occasion, most of the characters fell flat. Ariel had a nice voice, but she was even more childish and petty than usual (or maybe that’s the cynical Slytherin in me coming out), and Prince Eric was more of a Gaston, to be honest. Flounder’s awkward crush on Ariel just came across as kind of stalkerish, and I’ve seen better special effects from my high school theater.

HOWEVER,  Jennifer Allen as Ursula was absolutely incredible! Sexy and snarky she carried half the show on her shoulders, and man, she can belt!!! She had everyone in the audience under her thrall during “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. Best line of the show? When Ursula said she knew that only one thing could be strong enough to break her spell. Flotsam and Jetsam ask if she means true love. Her response: Teenage Hormones. Most accurate line ever.

The other half of the show was held up by Melvin Abston as Sebastien. The acclaimed television star was the voice of reason in the show, channeling the thoughts of everyone over the age of 12 in the audience. He provided witty comic relief without turning himself into a court jester- a hard task to accomplish.

Overall, Jennifer Allen and Melvin Abston pull the show up to three out of five stars. If you’re a diehard fan, or  have small children who love the princess, go. If not, it’s one you can skip. Tour dates for the Little Mermaid can be found here.

Accessories: The style of the gown called for simplicity- I wanted a very Grace Kelly look, so even my pearls looked overdone. I settled on a gold tone and cubic zirconium matching necklace and earring set. Mine was a gift, but I’ve seen sets at Macy’s, so you might want to start your search there. It’s very affordable, but the delicate nature of it makes it look realistic. My sister owns the green set, pictured here, and she wears it on a daily basis, and there’s been no negative reaction or changing of color over the past 4 years.

The Gown: This is where I realized I was definitely a hobbit. I am about 5’1″ and in order to make this work, I (aka my mom) had to cut four or five inches from the bottom and then hem it. Luckily, the bottom doesn’t have any trimming- it was just the dress, slip and two layers of tulle fluff that had to be taken care of.

The material is very nice and has some weight to it. I wore this on an unseasonably warm evening with a light jacket on top- the burgundy velvet (not pictured) made the dress pop a bit without detracting or washing it out. The back of the gown dips into a  low V- I’m assuming this is what made it possible for me to fit into the smaller size. It would be great with a delicate necklace that wraps around the throat, but trails down the back! Smaller pearls would look nice, and colorful accessories are a way to modernize the style.

The best thing about the dress was a very pleasant surprise- IT HAD POCKETS! Gentlemen might not understand the history of pocket discrimination, but ladies will sympathize. From dresses to jeans,  ladies have lacked the pockets that men have been fortunate enough to have for ages. This is how purses came around, and even then, evening clutches barely have enough room for your ID and change, much less a bulky smartphone in its protective case.

What I love about the gown is its versatility. I wore it to the Fox, others might feel it formal enough for a simpler wedding!  This metallic floral jacquard creation by Adrianna Papell can be found here, where you can see the silver metallic accents on the dress a bit more clearly than depicted in my photo.

As always, if you see a dress that you want reviewed, comment or send it to the blog, and there’s a chance it might end up as a future post! Likes, shares and subscribers are appreciated infinitely! Until next time, much love to all my readers and may all your dress dreams come true!


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