The Classic

Normally, I pick my accessories to suit the dress. However, in this case, I chose the dress to go with the accessories. For Christmas, I was gifted a lovely choker set, which was later followed up with a slave bracelet/ring combination and matching earrings, so I wanted an opportunity to show them off, without overwhelming … Continue reading The Classic

The Lady Mary

I have always been a huge fan of Downton Abbey and this dress is one of the most comfortable ones I have worn. The occasion? Dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant and wandering Atlanta at night afterwards! This was another "please fit, please fit" dress. I've been hesitant to write about it for a while, … Continue reading The Lady Mary

It has pockets (or as my family calls it- Curtains)!

This dress is proof of two things: a.) I really AM a hobbit and b.) miracles do exist! I was browsing the clearance racks (because grad school tuition sucks the life out of your wallet) in early January, and a glimpse of luscious white fabric caught my eye. Normally, I don't do white- I've always … Continue reading It has pockets (or as my family calls it- Curtains)!

The Dean Stunner

Ok, in one’s life there will be a dress. A dress to put all other dresses to shame- that one outfit that you pull out when you’re 85 to tell your grandkids “Look at how I was when I was younger”. This dress is that for me. The occasion? Dinner at Polaris (an amazing rotating restaurant in Downtown Atlanta) and the Nutcracker! For the price I paid, the bang was so worth the buck. I fell in love with the detailing and coloring of the gown. Black and gold is always a great combination- it’s chic and easy to accessorize.

Inauguration Fashions

I’m going to start off with Melania’s blue suit- it really stood out amongst all the black overcoats of the day.  The powder blue suit called back memories of Jackie O, with the simple cut, and the matching gloves that went just past her wrists. While some people said that the neckline reminded them of a Snuggie, the neckline was what I loved most about the outfit. It acted as a buffer against the cold wind and meant that she could skip over having a bulky coat which would spoil the image. I mean seriously- the biggest thing I hate about trying to look good in the winter is having to deal with a gross puffy coat (especially for this Georgia girl who freezes her tail off in the cold), so I have a great of respect for Ralph Lauren’s design.

The Gatsby Gown

I thought it was just a Halloween costume, but even so, I wanted it to be the best looking Halloween costume I'd ever pulled off. With the asymmetrical pixie cut and fall lipstick, hair and makeup was taken care of, but the gown itself posed an issue.  I'm 5 feet tall, 29 inch waist, hips … Continue reading The Gatsby Gown

Doctor Strange- Spoiler Free

Too often, one gets their hopes up and is disappointed by a film that has been built into a giant by its fans. However, Doctor Strange surprisingly lived up to the hype. I am not saying it was perfect, however, on the scale of films, I rank it solidly higher on the Marvel spectrum than Civil War. The acting was solid, though there were certain characters who were less developed than I wished. The special effects were the best part of the film, dazzling the eye (especially in 3D).

Day 3:  Sweeney Todd (aka when Johnny Depp brings his true personality out to play)

The classic Tim Burton cast brings the dark sides of the tale out to play. There are no grey areas in Burton’s rendition of the story- only black edges of misery and despair to contrast the few happy moments in the film that look so out of place on the rare occasion that they are shown