It has pockets (or as my family calls it- Curtains)!

This dress is proof of two things: a.) I really AM a hobbit and b.) miracles do exist! I was browsing the clearance racks (because grad school tuition sucks the life out of your wallet) in early January, and a glimpse of luscious white fabric caught my eye. Normally, I don't do white- I've always … Continue reading It has pockets (or as my family calls it- Curtains)!

Inauguration Fashions

I’m going to start off with Melania’s blue suit- it really stood out amongst all the black overcoats of the day.  The powder blue suit called back memories of Jackie O, with the simple cut, and the matching gloves that went just past her wrists. While some people said that the neckline reminded them of a Snuggie, the neckline was what I loved most about the outfit. It acted as a buffer against the cold wind and meant that she could skip over having a bulky coat which would spoil the image. I mean seriously- the biggest thing I hate about trying to look good in the winter is having to deal with a gross puffy coat (especially for this Georgia girl who freezes her tail off in the cold), so I have a great of respect for Ralph Lauren’s design.