31 Days of Halloween, Day 2: “Die, die we all pass away…” The Corpse Bride

Check out RoaCon's second installment in our 31 days of Halloween movie review series! Day 2: The Corpse Bride! One can never go wrong with the Holy Triumvirate, but it's not perfect either- check out our review and tell us what you think!

What’s what?: A brief overview of what to expect at the box office this weekend

Looking to see what’s playing at the box office? Trying to figure out what to take your date to see? Check out this lovely succinct list I have made for you!

What kind of a reviewer am I?

I felt it only fair to warn you what type of a reviewer I am on this blog, at least unless/until I decide to bring on more reviewers, which might happen.  So I like to say that I’m the Bruno Tonioli of movie reviewers. I am driven by emotions and passion, but not to the … Continue reading What kind of a reviewer am I?