The Dean Stunner

Ok, in one’s life there will be a dress. A dress to put all other dresses to shame- that one outfit that you pull out to tell your grandkids “Look at how I was when I was younger”. This dress is that for me. The occasion? Dinner at Polaris (an amazing rotating restaurant in Downtown Atlanta) and the Nutcracker! For the price I paid, the bang was so worth the buck. I fell in love with the detailing and coloring of the gown. Black and gold is always a great combination- it’s chic and easy to accessorize.

Accessories:  The opulence and splendor of this gown was lovely and overpowering, so I went with stud earrings, but no necklace. Despite the sheer back, I’m really not used to the plunging back, so my solution? A temporary tattoo. At first I felt that it might be offensive to use one as an accessory, but after checking in with my tattooed friends, and a few tattoo artists (Felix, I’m looking at you here lovely), I was assured that it would be perfectly ok.

The easy part was finding the vendor- Seventh Skin on Etsy does amazing geeky tattoos, so I went with her Evenstar design, which can be found here. The dress was fairly long, and the detailing on the bottom made it impossible to hem, so I pulled out my 5 inch heels from Forever 21- super grateful to my awesome friend who prevented me from breaking my neck over the course of the evening.

Venue: I fell in love with Polaris. The restaurant itself is classy (even though it’s pricey- I was there celebrating my birthday with a friend before the show). It almost feels like you’re in a cozy library, having a (semi) private dinner with your friend! For each little section, there are two small two person tables. The waiter can be a little snooty (especially when you order a dessert drink before dinner), but the view is breathtaking, even on a rainy day, and the atmosphere is so comfortable and private. Recommendation: Get the rooftop kiss cocktail- a chocolate mint drink that is basically an alcoholic thin mint!

Despite the privacy, I do warn you that you will be able to hear your neighbor’s conversation without even trying- hence why I was able to find out that the person at the table beside us was a dean, hence why I call this dress the dean stunner.  About halfway through the dinner, the dean turned to our table, addressing me and said “I feel guilty sitting beside you- you look absolutely stunning”. Of course, I thanked him politely and turned back to my dinner like a grownup *cue internal happy dance and fist pump*.

The Gown So, this is the link to purchase the dress! I went for short sleeves and the train! Honestly, I think the train made the gown. Was it a bit hard to walk in? Yes. It also ran a bit long on my 5 foot tall figure. I went for a size 6, and I’m usually a size 4. The dress is fantastic in that it has a little bit of stretch, so it worked with my curves. The chiffon helps keep it from being too exposed while keeping it sexy and sophisticated. It does come in different cuts and colors- I have the purple and gold one in a different cut that I’ll be reviewing soon!

The gold lace is detailed with sequins, so you’ll shimmer in the light- but because of that, my warning is to be careful. It’s very easy to overdo it in this gown. With the train and the embroidery and the sparkle, you don’t need to do flashy makeup or pull your biggest jewels out of the closet. Simple, natural makeup with dark lips completed the suave look for me. My last piece of advice? Don’t trip on the train!!! Again, thanks to my awesome friend who acted as a crutch at times, keeping me from falling on my face- I highly recommend having one with you!

Keep your eyes out for my next post around Valentine’s day, and then again for the Oscar’s!  See a dress that you’d like to see reviewed? Comment the link and it might make it onto the blog! As always, I am fashionably yours- remember likes, comments and shares are always appreciated!


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