The Lady Mary

I have always been a huge fan of Downton Abbey and this dress is one of the most comfortable ones I have worn. The occasion? Dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant and wandering Atlanta at night afterwards!

This was another “please fit, please fit” dress. I’ve been hesitant to write about it for a while, due to the experience I had at the store, but I finally thought it was time. I was spending a day at the mall with my mother and sister, when this dress caught my mother’s eye. She asked the sales woman about sizing, and got a response that it was a size four (she’s a size six), so she suggested that I try it on. I wasn’t quite crazy about it, but over the day, the idea grew on me, so I went back to ask the sales lady to try it on.

Let me preface this story with this: I have worked in the service industry. I have been exhausted and worn out, with my feet aching, customers yelling at me and still I managed to keep a polite tone and do my best to make things work for the client. I was fairly sure the dress would fit, after having fit into the Adrianna Papell size 2 the previous week. I asked the sales woman if she could take the dress off the mannequin for me. Instead of taking the dress off, she looked me up and down (I was in jeans and a sweater), and said “You know, that dress is a slim fit”. I could feel my face burn at her words.

I have curves, I’m not ashamed of them, but I’m currently ranging between sizes 2-6, none of which would be considered particularly curvy. I have a booty to rival Kim K, but I used to weigh considerably more, something that still distorts my perspective on my body. While I understand this woman had no way of knowing my demons, for a salesperson to make that sort of insinuation to anyone, no matter their age, shape or size, is something that should not have happened.

I repeated my request, to which she blatantly said, “I don’t think that dress will fit you”. It wasn’t until I asked her a third time to please take it down that she finally took it down and led me to the dressing room. I did the same “please fit, please fit” mantra as I slid the slip and gown over my head and tried it on. Not only did it fit, but if they’d had a smaller size, I would have sized down!Even the saleswoman was forced to admit that the dress fit like a glove!

Venue: Bocca Lupo- We were there in February, so we sat inside, but there is an open patio (closed and heated in the winter) that makes for a lovely setting. The lights are dim, and there are string lights providing a nice twinkle above. Each table is lit with a tea light, completing the Italian-chic atmosphere. The restaurant is cozy, but not too small- just small enough to ensure an hour long wait if you show up during the dinner rush with no reservation. Service was rather rushed for my liking, but the food is delicious, and comes closest to replicating authentic Italian cuisine, at least in Atlanta.

For dessert, we grabbed doughnuts from Revolution Doughnuts. While we didn’t stay long, I can definitely recommend their pastries! My raspberry frosted doughnut was surprisingly good, and I’m usually not a frosting person. The icing was rich, but not overpoweringly sweet and it tasted like actual raspberries, not artificial raspberry grossness that most chain places use.  We walked over to Krog Street Market which I really ought to review in whole one day because of all the amazing restaurants in the area. I fell in love with Krog Street Market- on a Friday night, it was a cheerful bustling venue full of young folks trying the food from all the different vendors.

The Gown: The dress was a Miss Selfridge embroidered maxi gown (that can be found here) that was comprised of two portions- a clingy slip, then a sheer long sleeved embroidered layer on top that gets held in place with tiny snaps that hook around the slip straps. I am five feet tall and this hit me right at the ankles. Can we talk comfort? Because this has been one of my most comfortable evening gowns! I didn’t spend the evening tripping over a train, or not being able to breathe because of Spanx- very walkable, sittable, maneuverable, etc.

The dress very much reminds me of something Lady Mary from Downton Abbey would wear. It’s smooth, sophisticated, and elegant, with just a bit of peekaboo to give you that sexiness that makes it all come together!



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